Query Letter in 14 Days

You’ve devoted hours, days, months—even years— to writing and editing your novel or nonfiction book. With all that time invested, it’s natural to want recognition for your hard work and dedication. Take your writing one step further and tackle the publishing process. When you enroll in this online course, you’ll learn the details of the query letter format and how to write a query letter that catches the attention of agents and publishers.



Required Reading:


Workshop Length:

2 weeks

Start Date:

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In this online writing course you will

  • Learn what it takes to write a successful query letter
  • Learn how to pitch your writing to an agent
  • Learn what turns agents and editors on and what turns them off
  • Practice writing a query letter
  • Hone your writing skills

Who should take this course:

  • Designed for both fiction and nonfiction writers
  • Writers who are ready to acquire the understanding and skills needed to write successful query letters
  • Those who want to work with a Published Author whose excellent query letters have contributed greatly to their success



Session One: You’re an Advertising Copywriter

  • Your Query is an Advertisement
  • Agent or Publisher?
  • Finding Agents & Publishers
  • Credentials – Who Are You?
  • Getting Attention, Your Theme, and the Close
  • A Never-Fail Query Pattern

Session Two: Bullet-Proofing Your Query Letters

  • Cooking Your Query
  • Finding the Right Market for Your Book
  • Words that Work
  • Knowing Your Reader
  • Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Ready, Set, GO!

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